Upcoming events
  • Tuesday, 6th of December, class in Tynemouth -introduction to tango for everyone. Basics and andvanced tuition.
  • Friday 9th, Milonga ArgenTyne, one of the best places to dance tango in the Northeast!  :)

      Not to be missed, the last tango event at Summerhill this year


Tuesday 6th of December: Class for eveyone in Tynemouth

basics, technique and a few exciting tricks

Start 8 pm, £ 5 pp

Complete beginners welcome! Informal atmosphere, individual tuition.  Bring shoes that allows you to pivot.


Holy Saviour's Parish Hall, Manor Road, Tynemouth, NE30 4RH [directions]


Friday 9th of December: The last milonga ArgenTyne in 2016

Milonga ArgenTyne at Summerhill

DJ Andi - a mix of modern and traditional tunes

Drop-in class for complete beginners and improvers, 7:30 - 8:30 pm, £ 5.

Milonga (casual dancing) afterwards (8:30 ish) until midnight.

£ 5, includes water, fruits and nibbles. The milonga is free if you join the class.

The music is easy to dance, rhythmical, with a mix of traditional tango/milongas/valses and modern tunes ('some call it tango nuevo').



Summerhill Bowling Club

Winchester Terrace

Newcastle, NE4 6EH




Thursdays, Fantango @ NCL, until further notice


If you have questions about tango or events, drop me a mail (andi_on_tyne@yahoo.co.uk)


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click the link to get an impression of our milonga

Tango Zapatito playing @ Milonga ArgenTyne